Why do customers automatically.assume I need God? :/
Dear Tod,
That’s mighty presumptuous of you to come into my place of work and accuse me of needing something. You just had a bacon cheeseburger. Pigs are cloven animals. Also? Idk what your blouse is made of, but it certainly wasn’t jeans.
Stop worrying about me, just worry about yourself.

(PS. Go find your brother Rod. You Flanders kids don’t seem that bright)

More of my writing nonsense

Change is the delirious daughter of chaos. Always begging for new toys.
Signs in her hair screaming ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO!’
I am in love with her.
I grow moldy restlessness when I struggle to do the same day in day out.
I must chase her.
She is me in a different light.
Always a thrilling moment away, and always gone in the next.
I will never catch her but to follow after her is my lifes ambition.
Lead on my plummeting star.

Another survey

1. State your name:
Lizette Estelle-Marie Webb-Strike

2. State the name that your parents almost named you:
My dad wanted to name me something with a y and an x. Xyandria or something. I don’t remember exactly.

3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most?
My sister Alison as far as blood related goes.

4. What was your first job?

5. Which of your relatives do you despise the most?
My eldest brother Jarreth.

6. Did anything embarassing happen this week?
Not really.

7. Do you miss your ex?
None of them romantically. I do miss hanging out with Alan but it was his decision to separate himself from me.

8. Do you ever dream about your ex?
Hahaha, not anymore.

9. What is your favorite color of clothing to wear?
Black isn’t a color soooooo PURPLE OR RED :D

10. How do you wear your makeup?
Like a slut ;p jk… Sorta.
Uh, I just try to look not like an ugly troll.

11. What are some of your nicknames?
Miss Liz
Kitten face

12. How many bedrooms are in your house?

13. How many bathrooms?

14. Do you have a job?
Yep. 2. QSR clerk at Zombie Burger

15. Do you have a car?
Yes. A ‘98 Ford Taurus.

16. Do you think you will go to college?
I did a little, and would love to go back.

17. Tell me what you think hate means:
It is to wish the worst upon someone. If you really know someone, you probably cannot hate them. Hate comes from ignorance.

18. What is your definition of ugly:
I think rotten people are ugly. Being cruel, ignorant, and inconsiderate is ugly.

19. What is your definition of beauty:

20. Do you have muscles?
Duh, but they’re not very strong. Well, except for my thighs. My bottom half is a wrecking ball.

21. How about abs?

22. Do you work out every week?
Just started.

23. Did you brush your teeth this morning?

24. Name a fact that you think is bullshit:
If it’s a fact, it’s not bullshit.

25. Have you ever seen Pen and Tellers Bullshit?

26. Do you like Obama?

27. Did you like Bush?
Fuck no.

28. Something about your neighbors that you hate:
She’s constantly losing her fucking kid.

29. Something about your neighbors that you like:
Ummm… Nothing?

30. Has your neighborhood ever thrown a block party?

31. Have you ever kissed someone you never saw again?
Hahaha, actually yes. This chick named Stacey Foster. We were too drunk though.

32. Have you ever held hands with someone of the same sex? Children dont count…

33. What kind of bathing suit do you wear?
Two piece.

34. Do you like your eyes?
Nope. Too small. Short eye lashes. Boring blue-green color.

35. Do you think you are pretty?
I can make myself look pretty but no, I’m not naturally.

36. What do you think of girls who are ugly, who think they are hot?
That’s their business. I don’t really give a fuck.

37. Have you ever called someone fat?
Yeah, in like 4th grade.

38. Have you ever confronted someone who was making fun of a stranger?
Yeah. Back fired on me but oh well.

39. Are you a bully?
I can be. Don’t get on my bad side.

40. Have you ever called a complete stranger fat before?
Not to their face, no.

41. Do mean people lack a soul?
I don’t believe in the soul, so no.

42. Have you ever put a curse on someone who said something mean about you?
When I was 11, and believed in nonsense.

43. Have you ever practiced witch craft?
I use assist my foster aunt in her worshipping ceremonies and help her make shrines but no… I’ve never claimed any real affiliation.

44. What do you think of Satanists?
LaVey’s satanists or traditional? The former are usually alright but traditional sorts seem nuts.

45. Did you know people who practice satanism could curse you?
Like anyone else, it doesn’t actually do anything.

46. Do you believe in hexes?

47. Do you believe in vampires?
Not in the usual sense…

48. Who was the last person you cussed at?
Probably Casey (sorry love :X )

49. Do you have a jacuzzi?
Fuck no xD

50. How much money is in your pocket right this moment?
I’m naked lol so none.

51. How much money is in your checking account?
Uhm… Like $0

52. How much is in your savings?

53. Are you well off?
Fuck no.

54. Do you have kids?

55. Do you want kids (for those who dont have them)?

56. What do you think of people on welfare?
Case by case basis.

57. If we had a war over a tax on tea, why the hell have we accepted a tax on everything else?
Because we put up with bullshit, however I do think taxes do some good.

58. Are you smart?
Not really, I’m just kind of observant.

59. Did you ever get left back in school?

60. How many times have you gotten after school detention?
Oh boy… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times.

61. How many times have you gotten in school suspension?
Too many times.

62. Have you ever been expelled? If yes, what for?

63. What is your worst subject in school?

64. Tell me what your back pack looks like:
I had two backpacks in high school.
I had the black mesh one and the Death Proof messenger bag.

65. Who is the ugliest person in your school? Based on ‘the inside’:
Ummm I’m not in school. I hated this chick named Alexis in high school. She was a bitch to me for 0 reason.

66. Who is the happiest person you know?
My sweet little grandma Rita.

67. Who is the loudest perosn you know?
My foster aunt Melissa.

68. Who is the most annoying person you have ever met?
Met? Fuck, that’s a long list.

69. What celebrity do you think is hot?
Thora Birch and Cillian Murphy

70. Did you read Twilight?

71. Last movie you saw in theatre:
The Conjuring.

72. Are you dating the same person you dated last year?
Yes. :)

73. Has someone you were dating ever cheated on you?
Yeah :/

74. Have you ever cheated?

75. Have you ever flirted with someone online that you never met?
Yes xD *prods Casey*

76. Have you ever met with someone you met online?
xD yep. Now he lives with me.

77. Have you ever been mean to someone just to make yourself feel better?
Oh yeah.

78. Tell me one thing, about yourself, that makes you an ugly person?
Psh, I’m all kinds of ugly. I once dumped spoiled milk all over this ex-friends mailbox.

79. Have you been honest?
Of course.

80. Have you ever done drugs?
Oh yeah. Mostly just pills, and pot.
Shrooms twice, and synthetic mary j twice but I’ve knocked off that shit.